1. Desperation/Taking Action (3:29)
2. Confusion (2:29)
3. It's Over/End Titles (2:41)

Written and Directed by Kristopher Dolphin
Starring Brett A. Newton, Braxton Honeycutt
Edited by Andy Neitzert
Original Score by Brian Wherry

This was a fun, yet very fast project. I got in touch with the director, Kristopher Dolphin, via Craigslist. He was re-shooting a short he had made a while ago, but this time with better camera work, lighting, and yes, music. :-) I did a rough piano sketch to the old film which he liked, so it was on.

The schedule was pretty crazy. The film was shot on a Sunday, at a Wienerschnitzel fast food restaurant in Lomita, CA. Kris and the editor, Andy Neitzert, did a rough edit the following day, Monday, which I got at 8:00pm. I did a rouch piano sketch to this rought cut that night, including setting timings in the sequencer and getting the basic idea for the score (which, for the most part, is a very minimalist type thing with only four notes). Andy and Kris tightened up the cut on Tuesday, which I got and started "the real score" Tuesday night. I adjusted all my timings to the new cut and orchestrated the whole score that night. I finished around 3:30am on Wednesday morning. Yawn.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out, especially considering the super-tight schedule. If I had more time I'd embellish a few parts, do a few things differently, etc. But isn't that the way it always goes?

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