Asystole (Untitled EP)

Written and performed by Asystole
Produced, engineered and mixed by Brian Wherry
Recorded at Chaske Studios in Newton, MA

1. Intro (0:57)
2. Ambrosia (4:25)
3. Washed By Tears (3:11)
4. Dawning (3:48)
5. Embraced (5:06)
6. Taken Further (3:16)
7. Bloodstream (2:54)

Asystole was a great Boston-based metal band, with a style reminiscent of Sevendust and Killswitch Engage. The bass player, Tim, was the bass player in FingerBomb back in the day... We recorded six songs in two fun-filled summer days the last weekend of July 2005. I edited, mixed, and mastered it in the following few weeks.


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