Original Score by Brian Wherry

1. Beane - Jack Is Gone (1:17)
2. Beane - Fame (1:12)
3. Beane - Open Your Eyes (1:43)

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This is a great little film about letting go of the past and moving on. It's also about friendship, in its many different forms. It's funny, moving, and has a good amount of action.

There are four main musical themes. Three for the main character's mental state, which alternate between missing the past, needing to move on, and sticking by his friend. The fourth main theme is more of a "riff," and it's the villain's theme. At the very end is a variation on the "sticking by your friend" theme that's used as a late 70's TV show theme song.

Unfortunately for reasons beyond my control I'm not at liberty to give any other details about the film. Maybe someday - so make sure to check back!

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