Breaking Out

Written and Directed by Kevin Barile
Starring Tony Salantri
Original Score by Brian Wherry

1. I'm Not Leaving You Behind / Guards Rush In (1:23)
2. Making A Plan / Thank Me / Prisoner Check (1:26)
3. Frank Breaks Out / Looks Like It's Your Play (4:18)
4. Flashlight / Alarmed In The Hallway (1:02)
5. Top Ninja Fight (3:02)
6. Door To Freedom / Going Back For Benny (2:13)
7. Struggle And Confusion (1:03)
8. Realization (1:43)
9. End Credits (1:16)

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This was a great opportunity to score a variety of different fight scenes - and more. The film primarily showcases writer/director Kevin Barile's impressive fight choreography skills but there's also a pretty cool and dramatic ending (which totally took me by surprise the first time I saw the film). So I got to do some dramatic score as well! When/if the finished film becomes available to watch online, I'll post a link here. In the meantime, check out this fight scene on YouTube.


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