The Kid: Chamaco

Directed by Miguel Necoechea
Written by Carl Bessai, Kirk Harris and Miguel Necoechea
Starring Martin Sheen, Michael Madsen, and Alex Perea
Music Themes, Orchestration, and Direction by Shaun Drew
Additional Music by Brian Wherry

(no music samples.... yet)

The Kid: Chamaco was another project I got involved with via The Composer Collective. It was a good opporunity to work on a film with a name actor - Martin Sheen! Shaun Drew provided the thematic material and lots of different composers wrote cues. I tackled the one where the central character, Abner, finds out that his boxing coach/friend is seeing his sister. The version in the finished film was modified slightly from what I had written - same harmonic structure, guitar part just got chopped up a bit differently. The sample above is the cue as I delivered it.

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