Dead End City

Written and Directed by Jeff Varga
Starring Misty Madden, Natalina Maggio
Original Score by Brian Wherry

Episode: "Handcuffed Hope"
1. Sexy Dance (1:54)
2. The Door (0:35)
3. Oh, Vi! (0:34)

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Dead End City is a film noir/thriller TV/web series with babes, guns, and the undead. It's produced with real actors shot against green screens, with completely CG sets and props. Way cool. Jeff had previously done the initial episode with another composer, but after we worked together on Crescent Moon Street and with the previous composer no longer available I stepped in. The "Handcuffed Hope" episode was a fun opportunity to write some stipped-down, more jazzy stuff than what I typically do. Check out to watch the episodes and see some cool behind the scenes stuff.

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