James LaBrie - Elements of Persuasion

Written by James LaBrie and Matt Guillory
Tracks 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 co-written by Brian Wherry
Produced by James LaBrie
Vocals: James LaBrie
Drums: Mike Mangini
Guitars: Marco Sfogli
Bass: Bryan Beller
Keyboards: Matt Guillory
Recorded and mixed by Rich Chycki

1. Crucify (6:06)
2. Alone (5:41)
3. Freak (5:34) - instrumental demo
4. Invisible (5:42) - instrumental demo
5. Lost (3:46)
6. Undecided (5:36) - instrumental demo
7. Smashed (5:38)
8. Pretender (5:38) - instrumental demo
9. Slightly Out of Reach (6:16)
10. Oblivious (5:27) - instrumental demo
11. In Too Deep (7:01)
12. Drained (5:15)
13. Understand (4:37)

My buddy Matt Guillory worked extensively with James LaBrie of Dream Theater, writing songs for James' first two Mullmuzzler records. Matt had been working with James for a while on the next one, and he called me one day in July of 2003 and basically asked, "Do you want to write some songs for James LaBrie's next solo record?" Is the sky blue? Apparently they needed more material and Matt thought my writing style would work well... Being such a huge Dream Theater fan, I was ecstatic at the opportunity. I had three songs from years ago (what would become Undecided, Oblivious, and Invisible) that I had been kicking around as instrumentals that were in need of vocals -- perfect! James checked out the MP3 demos of those songs and loved them, so I was "in"! I then wrote and recorded instrumental demos of two new songs (what would become Freak and Pretender) at a furious pace. After that James, Matt, and I collaborated on arrangements, vocal melodies, and lyrics for the better part of a year. The finished product features the talents of Mike Mangini on drums, Marco Sfogli on guitar, Bryan Beller on bass, Matt on keyboards, and of course, the incomparable James LaBrie on vocals.

Check out the MP3 links above to check out my original demos -- interesting to compare those to the finished songs on the album. Oh, you don't have the album? Well, you can always order it from Amazon! :-)

Matt, Marco, and I got together in the summer of 2005 to work on material for a follow-up. Here's a taste of what went down:


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