Brian Wherry - Mahalara (single)

1. Mahalara (6:30)

Written by Brian Wherry
Brian Wherry: drums, guitars, keyboard programming
Chris DiGiuseppe: sound design, more programming

Engineered and mixed by Brian Wherry
Mixing and mastering assistance by Chris DiGiuseppe
Recorded Jan-Feb 2005 at Chaske Studios in Newton, MA

This song was written back in my days of serious Dream Theater worship, and it shows! Unfortunately I never had a chance to properly record it (with real drums, etc.) so I dusted it off in early 2005, made a tweak here and there, and laid it down. By the way, "Mahalara" is a made up word that doesn't mean jack squat. Unless, of course it does mean something in another language, in which case I sincerely apologize if it's like, you know, vulgar.


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