One Hell of a Night: Act One

Written and Directed by Kristopher Dolphin
Original Score by Brian Wherry

1. Gasoline Express (2:03)
2. The Minivan (2:00)
3. The Diner (1:12)
4. The Blowout (1:38)

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One Hell of a Night is a "monster in the house" type suspense/thriller with a good dose of action. It's currently in development for a future feature release. The cues above are the ones I did for Kris to use in the story reel. The two main/recurring thematic elements are a melody line for "the figure" (typically played in a very low register) and some triplet-based parts to accompany the main two characters as they travel in their minivan. The triplet stuff goes from "very subtle and slightly foreboding" to "very in-your-face and aggressive" depending on the good guys' proximity to/interactions with the bad guy.

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