The Ballad of Sinister

Written and Directed by Erik Van Horn
Produced by Bob Morgan
Original Score by Brian Wherry
Running Time: 17 minutes
Estimated Release: 2011

1. Main Titles / The Sinister King (1:36)
2. The Town Was But Young (1:47)
3. Spriggan Approached (1:05)
4. The Hobgoblin Lair (0:47)
5. Hobgoblin Home (0:46)
6. Sinister As His Namesake (0:24)
7. Years Passed (0:22)
8. The Goblin Messiah / Let Us Fight (1:35)
9. Alone In The Forest (1:30)
10. Village Road (0:43)
11. Screaming and Sobbing (0:47)
12. Nocturnal Excursion (0:20)
13. Saytre They Call Me (1:26)
14. They Roamed Far And Wide (1:07)
15. This Palace (0:20)
16. Back In The Village / They Had No Weapons (1:45) 
17. The Last Breath/End Titles (1:39)

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This film was my very first film scoring project. I found out about the project and when I heard the title and saw some of the concept art, I figured "This thing has gotta have some crushing metal riffs!" So I got in touch with the director and asked if he already had the music lined up - luckily he didn't! He told me to basically "have fun with it" -- and I did. ("it" at that point being the story reel) The first version I did actually had a few sections with metal riffing (the battle scenes). Erik liked a lot of what I did in that first demo, but as he wanted to keep it feeling "old" or "timeless" the electric guitar and rock drums were a liiiiitle bit too contemporary.

I've since redone many cues a few times after incorporating feedback both from Erik and the rest of the crew, arriving at a completely orchestral score, strong in strings and brass, with a few main themes. It's been great fun thus far! I can't wait for the actual animation!

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