Various Artists - Stream of Consciousness
Dream Theater Songwriting Contest Winners

(Dream Theater Fan Club CD, 2004)

Written and performed by various artists

Track 5:
Written by Brian Wherry
Drums, guitars, programming by Brian Wherry
Keyboard solo by Matt Guillory
Engineered and mixed by Brian Wherry
Recorded at Chaske Studios in Newton, MA

1. Andy Rowland & Ant Law
2. Daisuke Kurusawa - Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid
3. Linear Sphere - Scent of Carbonite
4. Richard Campbell
5. Brian Wherry (11:04)
6. Redemption
7. Eric Clemenzi

Back in August of 2003, the cool guys in the band Dream Theater came up with the idea of holding a contest in which their fans write and record their best attempts at an instrumental Dream Theater-type song, based on the charts/notes for a song from their upcoming album (Train of Thought). The entries were due before the album had been released, so much was left up to the composers' interpretations of the names of the parts, etc.

I had approximately two months from the time I found out about the contest until I had to get a CD in the mail. It was quite a challenge to write approximately eleven (yes, eleven!) minutes of music for four instruments, practice the complicated guitar and drum parts, and record, mix, and master the darn thing in time. As a result, there's some pretty sloppy playing on my entry! Heh. Luckily my buddy Matt Guillory lent his keyboard skills for a kickass solo.

I was very impressed by the quality of the entries, and by the variety of styles and interpretations. Apparently the members of Dream Theater were adequately impressed as well, and decided to make a CD of their favorite entries to be released to the international fan club members. Neat! Clearly I'm very honored and proud to have been a part of it.


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