Stealing Hope

Written and directed by Brian Wherry
Original Score by Brian Wherry

  1. Car Theft (1:48)
  2. Getting Paid/Visiting Silvia (1:18)
  3. You Are My Life/Job Hunt (1:37)
  4. We Need To Talk (1:53)

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This is a film I made for a UCLA Extension short film making course I took in the fall of 2011. The course was a good introduction into screenwriting, finding locations, directing actors, planning shots, editing, etc. Each student wrote and directed a short film as his/her final project. This is mine!

Overall the process was great fun - and a lot of work. When people say making films isn't easy, they're not kidding! We only had two shooting days (weather mostly cooperating) but there was plenty of location scouting to be done, props to build and acquire, script tweaks to make, ... And post production was a whole other story! Lots and lots of lessons learned - which will definitely help with future films!

Doing the music for it was interesting, since I was the director - and thus, there was no scapegoat. I tried to keep it pretty simple, having one main theme for Luis "doing what he had to do" in a few different styles, plus a little "family moment" with piano & bells.


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