Directed by Andy Neitzert
Written by Logan Lemmon and Joel Shettlesworth
Produced by Andy Nietzert and Joel Shettlesworth
Starring Jonathan La Mantia
Original Score by Brian Wherry

1. Suite from Sync (9:19)

Sync is a short film about Dan, a young man being used for medical experimentation. One day he learns that he may be in for more than he bargained for, and that his life may be in grave danger. He battles to seek the truth and ultimately finds it - with catastrophic consequenses.

Due to the "closed-in" nature of the film I decided to not use any brass, to try to keep the score more intimate-sounding. Well, except when it's all action-sounding. Strings, woodwinds, and percussion. I used a monotonous celesta part to emphasize routine and isolation - the two key elements of Dan's world when the film begins. At the request of the producers, the main melodic motif I used in the score is inspired by Al Bowlly's "Guilty", an oldies song used in the opening and end credits.

The "Suite from Sync" above is basically nine out of the eleven cues from the film strung together, in order.

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