The End Again

Written and directed by Steve Martinez
Starring Michael Cotter and Janice Ann Johnson
Original Score by Brian Wherry

  1. Contemplation (1:45)
  2. Take 2 (0:22)
  3. The Remote Isn't Working Again (0:18)
  4. Take 3 (0:39)
  5. How Do You Know Dennis? (0:45)
  6. One More Try (0:10)
  7. It's Blue Now (0:46)
  8. At Delores' House (0:15)
  9. A Stranger's Embrace (0:27)
  10. The Screen Is Blue Again (2:00)

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The End Again is a funny and touching short film about loss, friendship and hope. I met the writer/director, Steve Martinez, at UCLA, where we were both taking the same film making course. I knew this film would be great when he first pitched it and I'm thrilled to have been able to score it!


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